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How do we block buyers?


Some potential buyers are downright rude to females, as I’m sure I’m not the only one. They’re abusive, in fact. How can we block them from further abuse?


I would just ignore the user if you cannot have him blocked. This is another reason why we do need this “block user” feature! Your pictures are very provocative, maybe you want to switch those out to something more professional looking which should keep “that type of a buyer” away!


Reply to @sincere18: Even if you block someone, the system will unblock them after a few days (sometimes hours), especially if there’s nothing overtly offensive in the messages, but sometimes even if the user is being a real fragglesrock to you. You have to keep going in and blocking them or report them to CS w/ screenshots of the messages and hope they’ll take action.


I’m sorry for this trouble.

We have a Report link under each conversation: you can start by hitting that link, so that user will be temporary blocked.

Anyway if he’s really rude and abusive, please report him on Customer Support site, so Fiverr editors can eventually take needed actions.


I just started here butt I had a strange one so I told him to go away :slight_smile:


You can report to customer support


I just started here also a couple weeks ago and there are quite a few men that are trying to get me to do “sexy things” on webcam. And then when you politely tell them NO, they call you names. I guess they think we’re porn stars.


Please report …


Reply to @kayla_wheelz: how is he messaging you, via what means? Another gig? Please let Fiverr know. Also, you might need to give it a day or two because maybe the filters take a little time to work or something. but if you get still another email customer support to let them know.


I reported him and received an immediate message:

"******** will no longer be able to contact you.

Submit an unspam request to undo this."

However, he is still messaging me.


Reply to @sincere18:

He’s inboxing me through the same gig that he had his originally question through. After I reported him and saw that he had inboxed me again under the same thread, it automatically said “reported” under his name, so the Fiverr system is broken.


Its a real downer.


Open a support ticket from the customer support page by choosing the relevant options.


HAHAHA! Did any of you folks look at the gigs?!?!

This must be yet another case of ‘stupid buyers’ misunderstanding "I will be your hot girlfriend for $5"

Please, give me a break.


I’m sorry, but looking at your gigs ( and photos ) I can easily imagine some buyers

getting the wrong idea. You might want to add in your gig description the things you are NOT

willing to do. Having that said though, I’m pretty sure you’ll keep getting messages asking you to

do certain things. Like annai80 said, unless you change your photos you will keep attracting the weird ones. In fact even after you change it, you’ll keep getting those requests, especially if you are

offering to be someone’s hot girlfriend. I guess you just need to ignore those people.