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How do we boost our visibility on fiverr in order to boost revenue

I believe we can use our social media accounts to our advantage to get more clients, I have seen upcoming platforms to connect with willing entrepreneurs so that we can bring them back to fiverr to increase our gigs

Where do Fiverr sellers fit into your proposal?

Are you saying that we’re the “entrepreneurs” in this scenario and upcoming platforms should partner with us? That isn’t going to happen and that isn’t going to improve your visibility.

If you want more visibility, get out of super competitive work. The laws of supply and demand will still apply even if a platform partnered with you and if you are so competitive you can’t get work, they have no incentive to partner with you. Also, if they partner with you, they’ll want a cut of your work. Do you really want to give another cut of your work away?

Platforms invest in people who reflect their values and they would to officially partner with Fiverr to do this and that also isn’t going to happen. Only highly proficient, professional sellers would be suitable for something like this.