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How do we discern fake sellers?


I just joined as a Buyer and keep seeing multiple accounts for some people with different ratings etc. Also quite a few from “*******” and the like. (Not that this is immediately a scammer but I do question) I don’t want to give my personal info to scammers. No one would right? I know it goes both ways and there are fake buyers too. Just looking for tips as a new Fiverr user to weed out fakes. Thank ya!\

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Please remove the name of the country. It is best on the forum to not mention countries. Especially in a way that may not be complimentary.


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If you can tell us what you’re looking for then we can give you some tips. There are some common steps you need to take for any gig, but some have specific steps you might miss.

For example, for logo design you have to do reverse image check. For writing gigs you need to check description because a lot of scammers copy someone else’s description.


Could you explain this more? How do you know that it’s the same person with multiple accounts? Is there review manipulation?

Eh, I wouldn’t be that skeptical of it. It’s a global world now after all. I used to live in China, and the amount of white people on the streets there was pretty shocking as well.


Have you never heard of aeroplanes and other similar forms of transport?

You can travel from country to country now - it’s amazing! Digital nomads and all that jazz.


The picture of the seller is unimportant unless you’re hiring a model. There’s lots of talented sellers using fake pictures for all kinds of reasons. Maybe insecurity? Maybe fear that racism will cost some sales? I don’t know.

So how do we distinguish the fakes?

  1. They tend to over promise.
  2. They portfolio samples look borrowed
    3 They’re a “writer” but their gig descriptions are full of spelling and grammatical errors
  3. Their gigs don’t relate, if a graphic designer is offering writing gigs, I’m immediately suspicious, and if he has 5 gigs and they don’t relate to each other, that raises red flags.
  4. Clone gigs- when two or three gigs offer the same thing and only the gig title is a little different.
  5. There’s an undeniable vibe of desperation. Hard to explain, it’s a feeling some gigs give you, like the seller is too desperate for your order instead of being cool and confident.
  6. The seller offers too much for too little. Getting 2 logos for $5 to $15 is fine, getting 5 logos, 10 logos, plus a bunch of other stuff for $5-$15, with free 24-hour delivery, feels suspicious.

In the end, the most important thing is to look at their live portfolio if applicable. You can’t fake that because it’s work that gets delivered and reviewed.


How do you see multiple accounts for the same person? How do you know?


Noted! Yes, I realize that. It’s my first time on fiverr.


I love that.:joy::joy:


I’m new to Fiverr. I’ve noticed some sellers with multiple bios. One has 1k ratings, their other bio has 100. There’s quite a few of these. Is it normal to read seller reviews where there’s multiple 5 star reviews by the same person over time? As in, “padding” the reviews to bump up the ratings. I’m not going to overly concern myself with this but I do not have much money so the more I can weed out fakes the better. Nobody likes to be scammed , more importantly, when you can’t afford to be. Thanks!


Some sellers are fortunate enough to have repeat buyers - it doesn’t mean they’ve got a second fake profile. No padding of fake reviews - just genuinely happy repeat buyers.

Fiverr encourages us to have repeat buyers - it’s a shame this is being seen as something negative in the eyes of a buyer.


I am wondering how you know it’s the same seller in both bios.


I’m guessing it’s an assumption - nothing more. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong of course. :slightly_smiling_face:


And I get that people are hired by the same person multiple times. Have you ever had your identity stolen, been hacked or scammed for money? Just like many people have, so have I. It’s a shame you don’t understand the concerns some people have regarding online deception. I think my question is a very legit one as I would think you would be concerned as well. I’m guessing you don’t like to be taken advantage of either. How about respecting people’s legit concerns?


Indeed I have, but not on Fiverr. By someone who installed a skimming device in our local supermarket ATM.

If you have a legitimate concern, with proof, then please speak to Customer Services - I’m sure they’d be delighted to help you.

I respect everybody BTW. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did not see @offlinehelpers comment as not addressing your concern.:thinking: She merely pointed out that many of us sellers have repeat customers who are kind and patient enough to leave a review everytime they order from us. I have several like that. However, I get a bit suspicious when I see 20 or more reviews from the same buyer in a row.

As you said, you are new to Fiverr and the Forum. If you hang around here you will discover that @offlinehelpers is caring, helpful, patient, and kind. Furthermore, this comment she made is the truth. She is very respectful of others. And she is well liked by all Forum members.


I am able to discern fake sellers by looking at reviews. I am very selective in who I hire and read through reviews, both good and bad. I am able usually to get a good feel for the credibility of a seller in this way. I go for thousands of reviews, few bad ones, and read through reviews at random to get a picture of the kind of work the seller does.

If you look through enough profiles in this way, you can begin to get a feel for who stands out as being not only not fake, but excellent.


I’m not quite sure what you mean by multiple bios. Like multiple gigs, or different accounts with the same profile description?

The former is perfectly normal, the latter means that someone’s been copying their descriptions from elsewhere.

Yes. For example, if you look at my reviews there are a bunch from the same buyers. I’ve had the same buyer order over five times in a row because we’re doing an ongoing project in parts, or just because they need multiple updates for their website.