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How do we get a good feedback with a 5 star rating?

How do we tell a buyer to deliver a positive feedback with a 5 star rating when ordering? Can you give me some example? Please?


@photocutter92 Fiverr DOS rules is no way to asking feedback from buyer


You cannot do this. It will result in an account warning from Fiverr. It is against the rules to ask for a 5-star review. You, as a seller, do not deserve 5-star reviews. Instead, reviews – of any kind – are 100% voluntary on the part of a buyer. If they want to leave you a review, they can. If they do not, they won’t. You cannot, and should not, ask for reviews, and certainly not a 5-star review. You earn your reviews by impressing your clients.


@aishi168 & @jonbaas
Of course I didn’t know it. Thank you very much. Both of you! But what do we usually tell them when they deliver an order?


We usually say something like…

“Thanks for your order, your files are enclosed. If you’ve got any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.”

And if we need to mention something specific about their order (“we’ve given you a few takes of the last line of your script, so you can pick the one you like the best…” etc) we would also include that.

We keep it simple. The buyer just wants their work, and to know they can speak to someone if there’s an issue.

We don’t mention reviews, and on average get about 60% of our work reviewed.


Don’t “tell” them anything about reviews. Fiverr already does it multiple times for you.


Thank all of you for real help. :innocent::innocent::innocent:

There was a discussion about asking for reviews a short time ago. I reached out to CS to find out if we could or not. Here is what I found.


Read the ToS. You aren’t allowed to do this.

If you really don’t see why it is unethical to “tell” a buyer how to review you, you have some serious work to do.

Reviews are supposed to provide an UNBIASED perspective to prospective buyers to help them make an informed decision. They aren’t a tool for you to manipulate buyers. And telling someone how to review you IS manipulation. Reviews are for buyers, NOT sellers.


I am learning that a little more than half (maybe 60 to 70 percent) of my buyers leave reviews. The reality is, not everyone has the time to leave one. Someone recently explained it to me this way: Every time you go to Walmart, Target, CVS, etc, the cashier will usually point out the part of the receipt inviting you to go online to take a survey. How often do you do that? Sadly, I have to admit I rarely do. I doubt most people do. So, based on that, I am truly grateful for the number of reviews that actually do come my way. Fiverr is great at reminding buyers to leave a review after they mark the order as complete. They take care of that for us so we can focus on other ways of serving our clients!


Instead of directly asking for 5-star rating something like “Sir I worked really hard, kindly give me honest review of my job, a review that I deserve to get. Thanks”

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Thank you for your advice.

Thank you very much for your help.

Thank You! :+1::+1:

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I asked for reviews in my 1st order aftr delivery in the inbox.I had no idea, it is out of rules in fiverr.
I will not ask for review from next time.
big thanks for let us know :heart_eyes:



That’s not allowed either and is still very biased.


If you read the emails I got from Fiverr CS, you will see that this also is against TOS. If Fiverr catches you, then you will get a warning! :scream:


Thanks mate. I didn’t know that

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