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How do we get the Rising Talent badge?

I saw the Rising Talent badge on a gig and was eager to know how you get it.Anyone who has information about it?

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I tried searching it for couple of times, and there are various similar thread here on forum but no exact answer to this question.


I tried finding something too but could’nt find anything.

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Fiverr needs to like your gig. It seems to not be connected to needing to have any sales, just an interesting, different gig.


There isn’t anything you can do personally to get the badge. Fiverr picks those gigs. It might be as misscrystal said and they may look for interesting gigs, or they may choose based on other factors. They don’t make that known to sellers so far.

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I think the rising talent badge is just the new seller badge. Instead of showing new seller in search results, it’s showing rising talent.

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Nope. I can see this badge has been given to new and old sellers.
I even saw a seller with one review which was 1 star, so I doubt there’s much manual work involved.

Then maybe it’s hand picked by Fiverr. Couldn’t find any accurate information about it.

I was wondering about how some sellers have the top pick badge without any sales? I cause this is another mystery that fiverr is just selecting some sellers based on their internal criteria. I guess perhaps @misscrystal is right and fiverr is selecting them based on being unique and interesting. :slight_smile:

Is there any eligibility criteria for rising talent?