How do we handle an order that doesnt include extras that are needed


Hi there - I’m new to the forum and I wonder whether you can help.

I have received an order for a voice over/narration but buyer requires some background
music which (s)he has provided. My gig specifically states that this is an extra.

I’ve sent an additional offer for the missing item but I have noticed that the clock is
still ticking.

What happens (a) if the time runs out or (b) I just get no response from the customer??

I’m thinking of just narrating and leaving off the music but the danger is getting a neg review!!

Any ideas



Do exactly what they’ve paid for - don’t add the background music unless they’ve paid for it.

If you deliver what’s been ordered, I can’t see a problem.


What’s stated above +

If you really feel inclined to wait on the client, Click on Resolve Now, and ask for extension of delivery time and include your reason in the description.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


I think s/he might have understood it so that the extra is if s/he wants you to provide the music, so might be only a misunderstanding, not that s/he doesn´t want to pay for it.
I´d try to reach her/him and to clear it up, and maybe see if you can word it still clearer in your gig/extras description for the future (I don´t know how you did word it though, so of course it might be very clear already).
Of course you have a problem if s/he won´t react fast enough, so I suppose DJ’s suggestion may be best for now.

Oh, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your responses.

I decided to “walk the extra mile” and give the added service free of charge.

I’ll also make the description of the extra a little clearer

Thanks again


OK - I walked the extra mile and added the background music free.
I then walked an extra mile by delivering a day early.
Then walked an extra mile by delivery in three formats.


Then waited for completion
and waited and waited
and after 3 days - Fiverr auto completes.

The buyer comes back 2 days after this and says “Oh No - I didn’t want the music background added.
It was to give you a guide(??) as to the kind of tone it should have. Please do it again”

I sent him a special offer of $5 to do it again. The old order was completed.

“I want it again” He writes and then gives ms a 1.4 review. !!!

James 1: “count it all joy …, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.”


Oh no… :coffee: :cookie:

Fiverr can sure be a great way to work on one´s patience threshhold I guess.


From what you say here, it seems like you really went with Matthew 5:41 on this order but the unfortunate thing is that very often in doing this you end up offering pearls before swine.

I wouldn’t worry about the review, it is such a silly review that people will not take notice of it, it stands out as ridiculous against all the great reviews. Just move on and keep producing great work(s) :smiley: