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How do we know if a Buyer Request is still on-going?


Hi guys!

I’m quite new to this platform so my appologies if this has been asked before.

I’ve applied to a few direct Buyer Requests. Is there any way to know if that particular request is complete, if the Buyer has already chosen anyone else for the assignment? Will it expire? Or at any moment (even months later) one of these Buyers can just accept the offer I’ve sent in?

That would be quite scary for time management, just wondering. :wink:

Thanks for your help!


Hello Monica, from my little experience i know that buyers requests dont expire, only the buyer can choose to remove it when he finds someone suitable for the job but most buyers dont.
attimes my offers have been accepted immediately, sometimes the next day and very occasionally will i get messaged a few weeks later (and even one time months later) mostly because the buyer wasnt ready or cos the first choice seller did a bad job.

I get messaged for availabilty, my buyers have been considerate… my offers didnt expire.
Thanks, Becca.


Thank you for your help Becca!


Sounds interesting. So we can stack buyer requests and thus increase the traffic flow to our main gigs.