How do we review a bad seller after 3 days?


fragglesrock has 5 star thousands reviews, but she is a very bad seller. I got the worst customer service in years. how do I ask my money and product back?

Sheriff’s note: calling out other users is not allowed on this forum. Please read Do’s & Dont’s.


You are not following the rules of this forum… by doing so,I can only assume that you never read what that seller wrote on his description of the gig. Why are you calling someone a bad seller… when you’re not even following the rules on the forum ?



First I am sorry you had a bad experience here.

Second, you don’t want to call out sellers or buyers on the forums. However if you feel you received bad service it will be in your gig history. you can rate and review your seller and or contact them in regards to what was wrong in the first place and see if they can fix it.

as what cre8iveartwork stated, mind the forum rules please.

I hope it gets squared away and your taken care of.