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How do we send samples to buyers?


So lately, in buyer request section, what buyers usually do is ask for the sample of the logo they are looking to get made and leave a note at the end of the request telling us (sellers) to inbox them the work and they’ll choose the best one. In these instances, how do we deliver the sample work in buyer’s inbox? From what I know, we can’t message to buyer unless he/she approaches to us himself/herself. What to do in such situations?

If a buyer is after any of your past work, you can add a link that takes them to a portfolio of your work.
Check out this page to see what links are accepted on fiverr (scroll down to the bottom)

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That is not a buyer. That person is just trying to get free work.
You can just ignore that request or you can rely on her message saying that as per fiverr TOS al samples and any work for the order is done only after placing an order but you are happy to chat with them to understand their need and bla bla bla.


for this you can create one of your portfolio where you can ad your all work if any buyer ask then you just share portfolio link as your sample work

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For this you need to make your portfolio and send them your portfolio link so they can see you work thanks

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