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How do you actually deliver a product?


I would like to simply direct a buyer to a download page after he does paypal. But I don’t see how to set up/link to paypal account, let alone a download URL…does fiverr do that for each order? Then pay in 14 days? The forum isn’t really alive, I don’t understand if I will be notified if there is an answer to this, and I can’t find any real instructions on the site. In addition, I can’t really contact support, I am just routed back to the forum which doesn’t explain. Honestly, fiverr looks brilliant, but I can’t figure out the instructions.



Once all the payment details (as madmoo described) is done, you can send the buyer a link to download whatever it is they bought from you.

Regarding Fiverr, it really couldn’t be any simpler. Sign up, go to account settings put in PayPal stuff, design your gig and gig description, sit back and wait for the orders to roll in. Well the waiting isn’t so easy, but the rest is!

Good luck!

P.S. Some of us on the forum are live.


Thank you for being alive! At last, hope!

So there isn’t a way to automate it? To make it so that when the buyer buys he/she is automatically given a download URL?

And how do you find a gig you’ve written? I can’t find the one I was working on.

And thank you for responding.



Okay, I’m making sense of what you’re saying, and I thank you for your guidance. So two points.

One, when writing a gig there is a box for instructions to buyer. I am assuming that this box is not seen until paypal has been paid by the buyer, and I can put a download URL in this box for the buyer to access an ebook after sale. This enables me to make an ‘instant’ delivery.

Two, I am assuming that fiverr arranges the paypal, the routes me the money in 14 days.

Does this make sense? Is there something I’ve missed? And, again, thank you. Al Case



madmoo is right. You don’t want to put a URL or other link that will short stop the buying process.

Right now there is no method to automate the delivery of services or goods.

I believe Fiverr was conceived as a creative community marketplace to buy and sell creative services like voice over, article writing, artwork, logo making, music jingles etc etc etc, not necessarily as a drop shipping platform for one-size-fits-all products.

Good luck!