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How do you add audio files to the portfolio (under the video)

I have been seeing many sellers that do voice overs have added their past work to the section underneath their main video portfolio, (usually have headphones icon), and you can click on it and listen to past work samples from past clients.

Although, in this section when I go to my portfolio settings, there is no way to add audio files for me. How do you earn this ability? Do you have to be a Level 1 or Level 2 seller to earn this privilege? Please clarify, as I would love to add some of my work so it’s easier for folks to hear work, rather than traveling over to my youtube page.

Thanks a bunch Fiverrs!

  • Jonathan

It’s done on video editing software, where you add the audio file without any video to go with it.

But how do you add that? You can only add one portfolio video. Unless maybe you can add more later after becoming Level 1 or Level 2?

On other Level 2 VO Talent pages, I see they have up to 5-8 audio samples included. Where as right now I can only place in 3 pictures, and one MAIN video that is featured in the main box (not underneath) in the same area where the pictures are placed…

You can activate your portfolio. When you deliver your voice overs to your buyer he has the option to display the work on your portfolio. It will appear automatically. Does that help?

P.S. To turn on the portfolio go to “My Gigs”. Click the little arrow box next to your gig and activate the “Live Portfolio”

You can also utilize your single video to your advantage. If you do it with slides or an explainer video, you can use the text part of the video to write about what you do (like an accent or just gender and voice style.)

Since the whole video can be a minute, you can do a bunch of short samples of your voice in a series. You can fit a lot into 60 seconds if you want to.

Yes but that’s not what I want. My main video is set up perfectly. The audio samples would be there so clients, (if interested) can listen to past work samples. That’s how voice over clients usually tend to want things. The way my main video is put together is exactly how it should be. Past work samples should be included underneath the video, the same as I’ve seen done on other talent pages here. There’s no reason to have to go alter the main video. My video already has samples, but you can’t stick everything into 1 minute.

That helps a bunch! Thanks so much!

All my audio gigs have ‘live portfolio’ activated, yet only one is showing past gigs. Any reason why this might be? I have had hundreds of orders and ask (as a stock delivery message) that they kindly leave the audio file on my portfolio but have loads of “really sorry, couldn’t see how” replies and never see a file in my portfolio. I have ordered lots of audio gigs and also been baffled how to do it, then last night I had a VO job delivered to me and it was totally clear - you have to click the minus icon on the preview for it NOT to show on their portfolio - so it’s incredibly simple. It simply seems that some of us have this and some of don’t. Any idea why or what I should do? Thanks, it’s been bugging me for months