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How do you add Gig extras?



I’ve just started on Fiverr, and I am trying to work my way around, to set up some work offers. But I would also like to offer “Gig extras” (as many other Fiverrs do), but I can’t seem to work out how to add them to my page so that the total adds up as people choose them.

What’s the secret here? Is there a secret handshake and a password involved?!! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply.

It’s a bit curious how you are not told about this when you sign up to be a seller. Or did I miss that part when signing up?


I am also new and haven’t started selling yet. I have seen a couple of newbies post to buy additional gigs for extras even if they are not level 1 buyers or above. I would love to do this as well…


Excuse me… I meant even if they are not level 1 sellers.


Heres a really good secret trick to move up the levels ladder. Offer your own extras. Put bullet points explaining what you’re willing to do for the initial gig. Then explain that you will do something else for another gig or 2 gigs in the same gig…blah blah blah. This will get you to level one really quick. People who have art gigs do it a lot. when I first started with graphic design gigs i would say if they wanted vector files it would be an extra gig, if they wanted extra revisions it would be an extra gig…etc. Just be creative…you have second language gigs…put up some different gigs in different categories if you can. It’s in the Fiverr TOS and the about Fiverr stuff.


Very smart advice! Keeps things “legal” but helps new sellers progress faster. When I was a new buyer I made multiple purchases from several new sellers and we both benefitted from this.


:wink: that works too. I like to order from new sellers sometimes if they have nice gigs to help them move up and promote them in my Fiverr blog.


Thanks for the great advice. I will in fact be posting up art gigs so the bullet points with extras is a great idea!