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How do you add multiple videos on a Gig?

I’ve been checking other people’s gigs and they seem to have more than one video uploaded. How do you do that? I can’t seem to find the option

This may be helpful to you:


Still doesn’t say how to upload multiple vids on the same gig but thanks for trying to help @lloydsolutions


The first video would have been uploaded by the seller. The other videos are from the seller’s live portfolio (the videos delivered to buyers).


Ohhh ok. I understand now! Thanks very much @lloydsolutions

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I have already sold 2 different Videos and they arent’t shown on my Gig :c

Thanks for providing this

Make sure your live portfolio is on. And bear in mind that the buyer doesn’t have to agree to add anything to your portfolio - they can turn it off for their particular delivery …

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