How do you add the examples connected to the reviews in the video portion?


Hello fiverr fans,

I notice that on some people’s gigs, where their first intro video is, there are little dots below the video, and when you click on them, an example of their work comes up with the review attached to it. How can I do that? I am a voice-over actor so I would want to attach audio files. I can make youtube videos with a picture and the audio file… but how do I get those up onto my page?

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Reply to @madmoo: Thank you!


Reply to @madmoo: ok, one thing- I don’t have that option under my wheel options. It may be because I am a voice-over actor and they assume there won’t be images. However, I can put the companies logo on a video with my voice over over it. So maybe I need to write fiverr customer support and see if they can change it.

Thanks again madoo!


Hmmm. That’s odd… do you have to be a top seller? I am a Level 2 and I did click on the wheel by the gigs, and the bottom option is “Delete.” Is delete above “Activate Live Portfolio” for you? Thank you for your help, Bella


Oh, wait, cancel!!! I just activated my gig, and THEN looked at the wheel. Now the option is there. Evidently, you can’t add Activate portfolio when a gig is suspended.