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How do you advertise your gigs?


Hello guys! I’m a new one in your community and don’t have much experience at fiverr. Can you, please, tell me what is the best way to advertise my gigs and find customers!

I will greatly appreciate your help!

Thank you!


You can share your gig on social media like Facebook, Twitter linkedIn and Google +. Make sure you are not spamming them, always give out tips that is relevant to you gig and also to people on social media.

2.Use relevant keywords and tags to optimized your gig.


Thank you!!


Find forums that are not on Fiverr but are related to the things you sell on Fiverr. To give an example, you have a gig regarding Project Management. Find off-Fiverr forums about Project Management. Don’t just post your ad there right away, but quote some of the advice you know from your gig and help people in that forum out. If you get some positive response, then you can post to let them know you have the Project Management gig for sale here for a low price. This is a common promotion tactic for those with sales websites and it does work for Fiverr too if you use it correctly.