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How do you answer your messages

I am fairly new to Fiverr and I have received 3 messages but I do not know how to read them, let alone answer them. Can some one walk me through this process?

  1. Go to (the main page, not the forums)
  2. Mouse over your username/profile picture in the top righthand corner, a drop down option menu should appear
  3. Click “Inbox” it should be the first one
  4. This takes you to your inbox and you can see/click your messages here
  5. Click whatever message you want to view and then you should be able to reply by typing in the blank reply box at the end of the message.
  6. After you finish typing your message, press the green Send button

    Alternate way:
  7. Click the speech/dialogue bubble at the top of your screen between the “To Do” and “Shopping” buttons
  8. You should see messages that say “***** just sent you a message. Click to reply”
  9. Click the message to take you directly through the inbox and to that conversation