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How do you ask for a review?

I was wondering how sellers word their request for a review. I am not sure how to phrase such a request.

We are definitely not allowed to request a 5 star review.


I want to know that myself…how to ask for a review without violating ToS?


Great question!

I’ve created predefined messages depending on which service they purchased.
I ask them if they are completely satisfied with their delivery, to which I continue: - “otherwise I’m not satisfied until you are”

The closest way to creating a happy last memorable experience. - Which in turn - hopefully leads to a solid review!!


I’m at a loss for words in this matter.

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Good Words!! Very Creative, Guys :wink:

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Sounds good but is it true?

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Yes, otherwise - cancellation, bad reviews - like you saw my case, two weeks ago!!

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I always ask for feedback when I make delivery. Asking politely for feedback can be effective, 'cause sometimes buyers don’t know they can leave a review.

I usually send this message:

“…I want to make sure that my service has met your satisfaction…
If you are satisfied with the result I would really appreciate it if you leave a positive feedback for me.”


Yes. That’s what I write for each delivery.

Till now I have completed just 5 projects and for each of them, I got ratings and reviews. When I deliver the project, I send the following message
I am looking forward to your precious feedback. Kindly if you have any single issue then please let me know. Your satisfaction is very important for me. If you really liked our work then I shall be thankful if you could give ratings and leave a review.

Thank you again for your order. I hope to work for you again.
I think if you do good work then for sure client will leave ratings and review. I hope this help.
Here is my profile link. Let me know if you want any help regarding animation videos.Take care.

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I’ve never asked for feedback, Fiverr does it for me and 85% of my orders are rated.
What seems to work for me is keeping open communication with buyers.

  • I always thank them for placing an order
  • I keep them updated and let them know if I’m able to deliver ahead of time
  • After delivery I explain the revision process and offer my help if they have any additional requests

It might not work if you get like 100+ orders a month, but I think if you’re willing to go the extra mile then customers will reciprocate. If you don’t take 5 minutes to respond then why should they? It doesn’t have to be a novel, you can use templates in most cases.

It also depends on the service itself. My average delivery time is 2 weeks and I have to talk to the customer to make sure all their requirements are met. So I send them 5-10 messages anyways about the project, which helps me build a relationship. It would be difficult to build something with $5 logo designs, which are usually just simple transactions.


When I want a review I always ask for an honest review, not for a five stars review. I always do my work best I can. But I sometimes do not ask for a review, buyers are so satisfied that they give me 5 stars alone.
Do not be stressful about that. Just do your job and enjoy what you do.

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Thanks. This sounds awesome. Would definitely get a nice feedback with this message

If you ask for a positive feedback, you can get an account warning, the same as asking for 5 stars.

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I think that’s the right way…

It’s not the right way, you can’t ask for positive feedback.

Well, you can, but you’ll get an account warning, or get banned if you keep doing it.