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How do you assess your situation if you find you aren't doing well on Fiverr yet?

Do you take a break? Maybe read Quora? Learn more about your skill? Or dress up your gigs? Or ask a connection to help you market your gig? Social media? What hack do you follow?

I’ve been doing great on Fiverr from my first day to be honest. But if the flow of orders were to go down and I had more time, I would focus on improving my fitness, learning new things and looking to develop other sources of income. I wouldn’t stay idle waiting for orders or whining if I didn’t get enough. I will stay busy, no matter what, in any way possible. [Life is about constant motion, you have to keep moving and not think too much.]

I had read earlier that you used to trade in stocks. Then did more things and among them came to Fiverr. I Appreciate your experience that you gained on the way.
My case is bit reversed :stuck_out_tongue: I want to do those things too, but want to supplement that by capital I can make. I saw this platform as an option.
There’s tons of work available and if one is talented enough , coupled with smart work he can get through. I am yet to see that level so if I had to say about progress here, it’ll most probably be an excuse. For the time being I’ll stay zipped on it.

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