How do you attract more sales!


I normally inform my buyers that they’ll get 1 extra free gig service if they order for 2 and it worked fine for me on two of my gigs. Unfortunately fiverr denied most of my gigs due to a long unprecedented absence. Starting all over with new gigs - Level 2 seller

What other methods do you apply to make your buyers buy more?


Do you advertise your gigs elsewhere on the internet? :wink:


Reply to @jonbaas: Ok…lemme ask pls, Were else on the internet can a seller advertise fiverr gigs? Uhmm besides private blog/website, and social media, is there any other place that can be fruitful to fiverr sellers??



You can search for forums related to your niche and search for people that need your services, you can also setup google alert so when some one is searching for your service you’ll receive a message to your inbox.


Reply to @bellawhite:

Anywhere where your target customers are located. Consider this: If you were a company that sold winter gloves, you’d open stores in Alaska or Canada where the whether is cold. If you sold hamburgers, you’d advertise where there are hungry people that like hamburgers. Only you know your specific target customer (at least you should – that’s an important part of doing business). Advertise and promote where those people are. Those are the people who are most likely to buy your services here on Fiverr.


Reply to @solow13: Thanks, that’s a nice idea; setting up Google alert.


Twitter works for me…But have anyone ever gotten a sale via facebook? It dosen’t seem to work for me


Reply to @bellawhite: You welcome!


this is how my beloved colleagues

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