How do you avoid from your gig being removed because of third party complaint claiming



I been on Fiverr for a while now as a buyer. I am audio engineer that has been performing post-audio production on the internet for over 12 years. I have also attained a massive subscriber list over these years by offering free content to Hip Hop producers and artists. I decided to sell on Fiverr one particular gig to do real promotion. I separated my subscriber list in small lists which I use to send out “Check this Artist Out”. Within the email I tell my audience the good of the track and why they should listen to their music, comment, follow, etc.

I put my gig up and got great results, selling and gaining all 5 stars except for one 3.9ish stars because the seller didn’t read the FAQs on how I don’t provide bot promotion and I cannot add 30 likes from fake profies. Anyways everything was going good and WAM I got hit with a third party complaint claiming “third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use”

I have no idea why. I use one photo that I designed that contains the words “SoundCloud Real Hip Hop Promotion”. The photo is a client of mine (hiphop artist) that I have permission to use. I don’t have the SoundCloud logo in the photo like most of the other gigs

Here is my gig:

Hey, my name is Jasper Jones and I have been in the Hip Hop Music Industry for over 12 years. Over this time, I have built a massive subscribers list that I use to promote client’s music.
Finding real promotion is difficult these days with bots and fake promises. With my gig I am guaranteeing comments from other artists and real listeners on SoundCloud. My definition of a real comment comes from a user that:
• Has over 65 Followers
• Has at least one track uploaded
• Has avatar that doesn’t look weird (fake)
• Does not have 100’s of reposts.

I will monitor your SoundCloud track during the promotion to ensure these requirements are met.

Gaining active and real SoundCloud users is important because when releasing new music, they will most likely listen and comment on your next release.

Please Read FAQs before ordering, contact me if you have any questions.

NOTE: This gig will only be successful for Hip Hop artists, Beat Producers and Modern R&B.

How do you Promote?
I send emails to my subscribers list, 1,000 - 1,500 at a time. You may receive 100-500 plays off of one list. In this email I will find the good of your track and ask listeners to check it out; and If they like it to comment, follow, like, etc.

Are these Bot Plays
No! Bots can run up your SoundCloud plays using proxies and automate fake profiles that can interact with your track. It is easy to spot fake profiles, it is the opposite of my definition of a real profile.

How many Followers and Likes will I see on my track?
You will probably receive the same amount of followers and likes as comments. Please do not expect 30 likes from fake profiles. I can not provide this.

I offer guarantee comments for Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages. I have always delivered exactly as required and as said with 5-star reviews with except 1.

Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?


  • First off, the promoting category on Fiverr is monitored very closely.
  • Secondly, Have you tried contacting support?
  • Most importantly, Did you have permission to use the list your using? One of the receivers could have flagged your gig for infringement of privacy.

What you can do now:

  • Read Fiverr’s TOS and research why your gig was “removed”
  • Politely contact Support and explain your situation (Just like you did so above)
  • Hope for the best!

Best of luck.


Thank you very much for your reply.

  1. That is great they monitor it closely, the gig was up for a month so I’m not sure why all of sudden there is something I a doing wrong.
    2 I contacted support and I am waiting for response.
  2. The list I am using are subscribers that I attained by giving away free instrumentals, discounts, and I provide these subscribers with free content on post audio production and tips in the music industry.

Do you see anything my description that would be flagged?



Update: I thought about it longer and the only way of a “Copyright Violation” is if someone reported the gig picture as the artist is them or a famous artist? I added a new gig and took the artist out the photo which got the gig approved for now. The artist I used in the photo is a client and long time friend of mine who gave me permission to use him for the gig picture.

Does this make sense? When browsing Promotions in Fiverr, most of the sellers are using Youtube, SoundCloud, Reverbnation, etc logos… Also a lot of Beat producers have famous hip hop artists in their gig photos. I use a design without a trademark logo, a non famous friend in the photo, and I receive Intellectual Property Claims Type: Copyright Violation. Kind of funny actually.

I will wait for Fiverr to respond.


It’s not really funny. Whether you have permission from your artist friend or not, you’re still using someone else’s image to promote YOUR work. That’s generally a big no-no on Fiverr. YOU are the person selling YOUR services. Your friend’s image doesn’t need to be the face of your gig – YOU or YOUR brand logo should be.

No matter how you look at it, by using that person’s photo, you are trying to profit off of the likeness of someone else. Profit off of YOU and what YOU can do, not what the recognizable of image of your friend…

But you’re right, Fiverr Customer Service is the only source for an answer as to the actual reason that your gig was flagged.


I disagree. I am not leading on to anyone that the gig’s digital design is me. He is talented artist that I have worked with for many years, a good friend, and has a lot of respect for what I do in the music industry. Business’s do this all the time. I don’t see anything wrong with this. I do not fully understand, do YOU disagree with every business that uses clients in their photos? Does it always have to be a logo or the picture of the freelancer?

I am profiting because I do good and honest work everyday. I have good communication skills and work with my clients to achieve their goals. I make a good living online and I love what I do. I been doing this LONG before Fiverr was even a thought.

I do look forward to Fiverr’s answer.


That could be easily interpreted as something from SoundCloud itself.


I think a lot of the messages are simply automated.

I have learned so much here in the forums the do’s and don’ts.

One of my first newbie gigs that was still in DRAFTS had “twitter” in the title and I received the same message “third party complaint” removal message. I had created it and let it sit in that folder for about a day or so without publishing.

Somehow it was picked up BEFORE I ever published the gig or anyone even saw it. The title was something relating to twitter profile and getting more followers. I leaned really quickly that was a big NO and stayed clear away from that realm of fiverr land.


Fiverr is a freelance website. The word “freelance” means that YOU are the independent provider of the services you offer. Therefore, what your famous friend looks like is irrelevant to the service(s) that YOU provide.

@miroslavglavic makes a good point too… Perhaps the frequent use of the brand name “SoundCloud” was something “SoundCloud” doesn’t like, and so, perhaps they are the ones that triggered the flag on your gig. By using that brand name so often in your gig description, it could be seen to be a claim that your services are "SoundCloud"s services, and maybe they didn’t want you to associate them with your services as you have.

Or, perhaps even the fact that you are offering a service that sells likes – on another website’s service platform is what triggered the flag against your gig. Gigs that try to sell lives on Facebook are a big no-no here on Fiverr (and against the rules of Facebook), and Fiverr IS removing those gigs for that very reason. Perhaps selling likes and such on SoundCloud (or being seen as possibly doing so) is of equal no-no here on Fiverr.

Fiverr takes third party complaints VERY seriously. They don’t remove gigs unless there is a serious and valid reason to do so. If they removed yours, there’s probably a good reason for them choosing to take that action. Your gig does seem to tread a fine line between what is allowed as a freelance service, and what is infringing upon other brands and platforms.