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How do you avoid having people who steal your work and resell it?

I’m new here and considering selling. I’ve noticed that in some categories, there are copycat competitors who literally steal the work of others and then resell the same exact thing as their own. I’m wondering how does one avoid that and does Fiverr handle these conflicts?

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Not sure how anybody can steal work from a Fiverr seller - they have to buy it from them.

If the buyer chooses to resell it here or elsewhere at a profit, that’s entirely allowed (so long as everyone works with the ToS) and is how most businesses work - buy cheaply and sell at a profit.

The only way work can be stolen is if a seller literally gives work away for nothing - bad idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

Added as it might be useful -

You may find more than one seller offering the same thing - it doesn’t mean anybody’s stolen something from anybody else - they may have both purchased the rights etc. to offer the same thing.

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you can ask the seller to send you a copy with copyright infringement if he did so you can report him by the support or uk federal copyright low to charge a fee in return of investment mailed to you from the designer