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How Do You Build Backlinks to Fiverr Gigs?


This is something I know nothing about…

Is it simply pasting the link to my gig in various places, like promoting it? (not spamming, of course) Or, is it something else?

I heard that building backlinks to your Fiverr gigs can help give you a good ranking in search engines and such. How do you do this?


Choose a one gig -> Go to google and Search your gig keywords -> Comment on gig related forums / blogs / pages


My 2 cents:

It depends on the keyword that you’re trying to create a high ranking for. If it’s too broad, it’s not worth trying IMO. You can comment on blogs all day, and your gig will never get first page ranking for a keyword like “domain.” (Just using that as an example.) That’s where research can help. You have to narrow it down so there’s not so much competition. At the same time, it needs to be something that’s searched often enough to make it worth your while. Preferably, the keyword should also be in the title, description, and tag of your gig. A free tool to use for research is the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Or, there is software on the market used specifically to find these keywords in your niche. Once you have it all in place, I wouldn’t aggressively start putting out backlinks. I would just start by placing anchor text links on a few quality sites. For example, a related quality Squidoo lens you own. Or, maybe bookmarking it with that anchor text on DoFollow social sites. And sure, a few good blogs that are tightly related. Work gradually building it up. I just have a superficial knowledge of this, enough to get by. Maybe an SEO expert will come along. If not, you could also Google this subject for helpful articles.


Reply to @arnevb: Not improved ranking in Fiverr… improved ranking in search engines, like Google. :slight_smile:


Reply to @prohelper27: well in my point of view 98% of buyers find you through fiverr very few people buys through google. Even if i am wrong still backlink to induvidual gig will not help you but it will help main domain to appear first which is in this case. So instead of building backlinks you should focus keywords because someone with better keywords will take advantage of your backlink generation, hope you get what i mean.



Here’s an example, analyze the niche of the gigs you’re offering. One might be Video Transcription Services. I might start be Googling “video transcription services” to see how many results there are, and what the competition looks like. On my search bar I have SEOQuake. I can easily see which sites ranking highest, PR, backlinks - and look at their source code to see what keywords they’re trying to rank for. So, looking at it, I decide I need to narrow my keyword. Too much competition for a Fiverr gig. A keyword research tool I use is the free version of Market Samurai. I have it generate possible keywords for the terms “video transcription services” and “video transcription.” The free Google Adwords tool does the same thing. Then I analyze traffic and competition. This is not my niche, but I did it anyway for this thread. I originally ended with 4, but I went back to search them on Google. In one it didn’t have much competition. However, the competition all ranked around PR 5 or 6, and EDU links so it’s better avoided. Anyway, if you’d like I’ll send you the three that I think would be worth going for. Just let me know, and I’ll send you a message with them. You could start a gig with one of these in title, description, and tag. And build a few backlinks on quality sites…


Reply to @integritymedia: Yes, please send them to me.



Okay, I’ll do that right now…


I would like them too, please.


what @alisaleem252 said is 100% correct about backlinking to gigs…


As I am kind of sick at the moment, I am going to reference this thread that pretty much gives you a pretty straightforward explanation of the basics for backlinking your gigs. :slight_smile:


Reply to @kingtricks: Do not highjack topics with your self-promotion. You’re not adding to the discussion in a meaningful way, you’re just posting SPAM.



Might I get more sell from creating backlinks of fiverr?