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How do you cancel an order as a seller?

I have been trying to cancel some order but i’m not. How do sellers cancel orders which they don’t need anymore example if you get too many orders. Thanks in advance ;:wink:

At the very bottom of the order page, it says:

Having problems with this order or your buyer? Click Here

You have the option to cancel the order… but if YOU are the one that cancels it, it’ll affect your ratings [-X

Always try to do mutual cancellation and provide good reason ! Keep yourself away from force cancellation.

Always opt for the mutual cancellation if you decide to cancel. That doesn’t affect your ratings but can affect your levels - but you can counter that by delivering great gigs when you do get orders and don’t need to cancel :slight_smile: hope that makes sense…it’s been a long day

Mutual cancellation is what you have to do first…But try to explain the buyer about the difficulty you go through having too much orders etc…because mutual cancellation is a request I guess…So you have to do it in a way that buyer wont get upset or disappointed…

negotiate with buyers…

If you’re too busy with orders, why not suspend the gig until you catch up?

And what if the buyer starts the timer before even waiting for my answer, before even agreeing on something and then just disappears for 24 hours?

I am new here and I didn’t quite understand why there’s no “accept order” button?

And what I really don’t like - buyers expect me to do a lot of work for only 5$…even if in the gig it’s stated clearly what I do and don’t do


AGREED. All the power is in the buyer’s hands in these scenarios. An “accept order” button would mitigate so much trouble. I set up merchant accounts for a living and a buyer has recently requested a service of mine without speaking to me about it first. The thing is I cannot legally help him because he’s not based in the US. It doesn’t seem fair for my ratings to suffer because of legal limitations. He’s being very stubborn and insisting that I do it anyway, which I can’t or otherwise he’s going to give my business bad ratings on as many platforms as he can. Is there no way around crazy buyers like this?


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