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How Do You Cancel An Order From A Buyer?

Hi Fiverr’ss

I believe this is a thing now, can I cancel a buyers order without getting my stats zapped?
The new roll out allows for this I thought? I don’t feel comfortable with a current buyer
Thanks for any replies

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Thanks for that.great info. But it does explain IF canceling will effect your score?

When the order is canceled, the rate will be reduced

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I thought they announced this is not the case now. If you both mutually agree

It used be the case, but not now.

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However less it will be

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Oh opposite apply’s gotcha.

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This is my first order where the buyer did not in put the correct word count
now the 24 hour countdown is in effect . Ive requested the changes and a 24 hour extention . But the buyer has 4 days to reply WT**

may be your score will effect as you have taken order

I didn’t take it he ordered based on a minimum

I might deliver it in the style of Daffy Duck and see how many revisions I get paid for lol