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How do you change a review?


I left a stellar review for a seller who advertised one thing- But I found out in reality delivered another.
It was supposed to be a ghost written story based on a provided outline, it looked clean in plagiarism detection but it turns out that was because they used non English characters to evade copyright detection.
I had to scrap the order and write from scratch.
Want to save others from the headache and heartache.


I’m so sorry. You wouldn’t be able to do this yourself, but if you open a ticket in the resolution center, I imagine customer service will at least consider your request because what the seller did to you is fraud.


There are so many bad people in the world as well good people.
to tell the truth, there is nothing in your hands that can be deleted or edited, but with adequate evidence, contact the Fiber Support team and if they understand that it has played games with you, maybe they can change or ban their account.