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How do you change cover photo?

I have the default photo showing I want to brand it. Where or how do I do that?

To change your profile picture go to username - settings - public profile settings - change your cover photo.

To change gig cover photo go to my sales, my gig and then edit. Here you’ll be able to change the photo.

Reply to @graphicwebpro: Sorry your are not correctly understand we are talking about main cover located on backside or profile picture…


Osman shahbaz

Reply to @kjblynx: Ok thanks kjblynx


Osman shahbaz

simply go to your profile, setting>my acct>my profile. you can figure it out once you’re there

Dang --I really want to switch it out mine sucks. I’ll look for the gig though and see if I can change it then the other will change correct?

I guess there is no way to change it – I just wrote Fiverr to have that customizable so I can get rid of the “pencil butts” lol If we all ask then maybe it will get looked into!

why would anyone like to change cover photo? i guess it’s your photo in the first place so why changing it?

header of your account is unchangeable it is set according to your gigs category by fiverr team how ever you can upload your gig cover your self in addition to gig picture

if you have more writing category gigs then your cover will be according to it, graphic designing , video , music categories seller have there default cover it totally depends upon gig number and category. hope it will help

Well that sux.

I uploaded my own cover photo that looked great and when I found my fiverr page, there is a stock balloon photo there. I’ve gone to “selling”, “my gigs” and found my link but there is no way to edit it. I click on the link and it shows the status etc. but no way to get in and replace that darn balloon photo.

I just set up my first gig. I placed a long header picture and it looked great but when I found my fiverr page, the header photo had been replaced with what looks like a stock balloon photo. How can I change this?

I see. That’s interesting theory.

there is no way to change it. Fiverr set this automatically.

just keep the photo in jpg format it will change … photo does not change on png format