How do you change your paypal email if you have no access?


I am trying to get out money from my Fiverr account and my paypal has not been verified so I am set to believe that it is the wrong paypal email, I consistently check my email and I have received nothing!


You can change your PayPal email via your account settings, which can be found in the top right drop down menu of your account


Okay I found it but I do not have access to that email it was hacked into and the hacker had changed the password. So instead of [retracted] I need to replace that email with [retracted].


The part that sucks is with i tried calling Microsoft to get back my email and they keep saying it’s been too long since it’s been signed into that it is now deleted.


Please don’t share confidential information such as your email address(es) on the forum. If you need account specific help, I recommend contacting customer support.


I advise you to contact customer support and describe the whole story about what happened with your account. You’ll get this resloved for sure.



Hacked accounts can be retrieved easily when a hacker changes your password you can always click on forgot password and instruction on how to create a new password will be sent to a backup email or phone number that you set up. If you however need to change it by contacting CS note that you will need proof that you are the owner of the account, not just a written copy saying you are the owner but real hard proof.


Um I am asking how do I contact customer support they do not have a phone.m number I have emailed them several times


That’s what I did but it was with hotmail and then I waited too long so they now are saying that email address is no longer to create a new one