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How do you charge values outside of $5 increments?

I can only figure out how to charge $5, $10, $15, and so on…


As far as I know, you can’t. The payment increments are set by fiverr and cannot be custom. So you can choose $200 from the dropdown tab but not $199.

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The only other way to charge a different amount is in Custom offers. There you can charge what you want. However, the buyer has to contact you first through your inbox.

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Good question. @priyab468 and @vickiespencer have given you the answers.

I’m posting because I had a similar thought myself a few days ago. As a proofreader, I charge $10 per 1,000 words. I’ve been selling on Fiverr for 7 years, and in that time the world has moved on so that (because of inflation and the cost of living) I profit less from my gig now, despite being a better and more experienced seller.

In an ideal world I would like to be able to charge $12 per 1,000 words. However, Fiverr forces me to either stick with $10 or jump to $15. The problem is that if charge $15 I suspect that my orders will fall dramatically as 95% of my competition charge $10 or less.

I know that I could still charge $10 per gig but reduce the word count to say 800 words. But people like things to be simple. Nice, easy to comprehend numbers like 500 and 1,000 work well for attracting the attention of buyers. 800 words just doesn’t sound appealing.

I really do wish that Fiverr would offer a more flexible pricing structure. I get that they would then lose part of their uniqueness (gigs starting from $5 and increasing in $5 increments) - but let’s be real about things. Fiverr is now around a decade old. Over the intervening 10 years inflation has removed nearly an entire $1 from the value of $5.

To put it another way, after Fiverr’s commission, a seller in 2010 would walk away with $4. In 2020, that $4 is actually $3. This is also another reason why I am so vocal on the forum about the number of people selling $5 gigs. This is 2020 - not 2010.


Do you figure this because of inflation?

Hey, we both charge the same, $10 per 1000. I tried $10 per 900, but sales fell off and it was. more of a pain for me to make custom offers, so I went back to $10 per 1000.


I agree with you; because of Fiverr’s price range, it’s hard to increase in small increments. I’ve wanted to increase as well, but because of this and the possible negative impact, I’ve stalled.

But what steps are there, which can be taken to implement change?


Yes! Using an online inflation calculator. To be exact, $5 is now worth 97 cents less than in 2010. So I rounded the amount up to a $1.

Exactly the point I’m making! I’ve also experimented over the years. When it comes to writing and proofreading gigs, people really do like nice round numbers that they can easily comprehend. The moment you start mentioning 700, 800, 900 words - it seems that people can’t do the maths or else think you don’t offer good value.

That’s why I feel stuck with offering 1,000 words for $10. It is a little too cheap. But I can’t ask $15 as I strongly suspect the market won’t tolerate that (as I mentioned, 95% of my competition charges $10 or less), and as you’ve said, when you reduce the word count - sales fall through the roof.

That’s why a more flexible pricing strategy would be really useful.


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