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How do you come up with new ideas?


At the mo, I have just finished a new explainer video concept ready to make into a new gig tomorrow. Moreover, it’s really hard to do that kind of thing if creating something completely from scratch. In fact, this was the third night spent hammering away at this single 55-second long video.

That said, now I have two more videos to make for other gig ideas which I have bubbling away in my brains lovely grey matter. The hardest part of the creative process, however, is coming up with a genuinely new idea. One video idea which I have, for example, is targeted at a very specific niche in which nothing similar currently exists. Also, I have found an awesome free way to market this product which will be completely free for me to utilize!.

Anyway, how do you come up with new ideas? My own process usually starts with an accidental discovery of a niche, followed by research into whether creating a product is worth my while. Also, if you are an illustrator or other kind of creative, do you often repurpose a lot of existing work to fit new order requirements? Or do you always create everything from scratch?


I imagine you have some pretty neat ideas. I create videos from scratch using existing libraries. I don’t provide custom illustrations. Templates haven’t easily worked well for me.

In my experience, new Fiverr gig concepts are hard to get off the ground because you don’t already have customers looking for your product. You have to add a step in the process. The Million Dollar Education Campaign. Swifter Duster did it. We didn’t know we needed a swifter duster. They had to spend Millions of Dollars showing us we could not function without the product. Now we know what it is and we love it.

Most of use do not have deep enough pocket to push through that. I have had better success seeing what the traffic on Fiverr is already buying and making a better or more efficient version.

We need 100 people looking and finding us every day. We need to convert 15 of them to sales. If the majority of them start ordering over and over again, 1 or 2 times a week, then it is really nice.

Have you had success with a Niche Specific template that you resale? I would love to learn from your experience.


I just net surfed what a Swiffer Duster is. Ans really? We have been using a duster (exactly like this one, of about $1) for YEARS in our country. :open_mouth:


I was the first to start selling professional looking 2d real estate videos on Fiverr, however, while that niche was hugely successful up until about October last year, the Fiverr search has now killed it. I managed to revamp all three gigs and get them back on the first page 2 weeks ago. Since then, however, my gigs don’t start appearing until about page 11 and sales are dead as a result.

My focus on new videos now is really about offering a completely different style to what other people do. That said, one new concept which I am working on is completely new. It involves a basic sales presentation video focused on 2 products which are in uniquely high demand in the UK. In this case, and since every day new classified listings appear for people selling and buying this product, my plan is to start posting on the same classified sites but in a way which offers people my product promo videos to help them sell faster via places like Facebook etc.

At the moment, i am just in two minds whether to make the same service available on Fiverr. I’m thinking that I won’t as I have some advertising credit on a UK freelancing site so I will probably try and funnel sales there.

I do think that there is a niche for Facebook vertical ad videos. However, while I have managed to create a few cool templates, I’m seeing these as a possible pain in the donkey if I ever try to sell them on Fiverr. This is because videos need to be formatted in a precise way for Facebook and buyers would need to know how to create and manage their own Facebook ad accounts. - From experience, this would then likely lead to lots of 'how do I upload my video? I want you to use a different script, why is my video not appearing on Facebook? Etc Etc…

In short. it would be too much of a headache. I used to offer videos with clickable links and calls to actions which would only work if buyers embedded a code which I gave them on their website. 90% of people just didn’t get this and in the end, I had to discontinue that feature.


exactly…Pretty Funny…Right?


Well YES… It is…


Super cool. I get the frustrations. Nothing worse than delivering a video and then the requirements change, pushing you outside of the template or even the style of video. Oh, and I have enough trouble with them being able to find the download button to download the file, much less getting them to load coding.