How do you cope?


I am just in the middle of a rush this week and I am barely holding it together how do you guys cope with stressful times??


Coffee, music and some short pause help me preventing screams… and too few sleeping hours help me completing my jobs :smiley:


I drink a lot of coffee. Listen to music (Grateful Dead at the moment). And try to do some recreational reading at night.

A few nights a week I go swimming at the gym. This ALWAYS makes me feel better and I come home feeling relaxed and unstressed. I can usually do a few hours of work after swimming because I feel so motivated.


lay off the coffee for a bit if you are stressed, and even ten minutes of something called ‘mindful meditation’ is good, I find. My anxiety comes when I am not busy, rather than too busy though :wink:


I use the Pomodoro method, with a program called Pomodairo. It lets you work your tail off for a period of time, then take a short (10 min) break. You can also schedule a longer break every so often for meals or whatever. During most breaks I check my emails or just sit back with my eyes closed. I give myself a 30 minute lunch break, but an hour for dinner, because I’m usually very tired by then. You’d be surprised how much you can get done in 50 minutes working as hard as you can. It’s increased my productivity so much, and lessens the stress.


Sugar and coffee. Maybe tea.

Take breaks ( for about an hour or so).

I usually watch one episode of random TV shows ( like reruns of CSI ),

then go back to work.

Or get outside the house and take a walk.

If there is someone around to talk to, just have a chit-chat for a few minutes.

Usually this helps for me :smiley:


I had a week like that last week. I think stopping when I was too tired so I didn’t have to go back and redo anything was a major thing. I knew I had to stop and rest, or my cookies would look like poo.


Thanks everyone for all the good ideas my rush is almost over I feel normal again ( caffien is my breakfast)


Reply to @zeus777: im addicted to shark tank:)


Simple: Little sleep. Late nights. Iced coffee. And in between order deliveries I take a 5-10 min break to stretch my legs, and if it’s day time go outside and breathe. Then, back to work I go! :slight_smile: