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How do you create a paragraph/line break in the description?

Ok I know that this might be a silly question lol but I can’t figure out how to do a line break/paragraph in the description.
Whatever I do the paragraph keeps its format and don’t break.
Can anyone help?

In your profile description I do not believe there is a way to line-break… it’s a pretty small space. so… you just gotta make due. I may be corrected, but I’ve tried a number of ways. no dice

Thank you my friend, I found the problem!

you mean you figured out how to make a linebreak in the description?

I have this exact issue @razimar1…I would really like to know how you resolved it.

I didn’t resolve it because it wasn’t really a problem!
When you save your profile, you just can’t see in your profille the line breaks/paragraphs.
But if you go to your gig you will see that they’re actually there.
It took me a long time to realize that :wink:


It is absolutely ridiculous that people are having issues with line breaks on Fiverr. There are other issues too. It seems the website has been coded by a couple of teenagers.

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I have the exact same problem in texting with the seller on Fiverr. In the Order messaging chat and in the Inbox messages, I just can’t seem to space my text with new line, so it won’t be a random block of words
Can anyone help?

My workaround…

I type my message in notepad first ( with line spacing etc as I want) and then copy & paste into Fiverr message box