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How do you create a professional showcase video?

When posting my first few gigs on Fiverr, I notice that they highly encourage you to post a video to showcase your service. When I attempted to do this with a regular screen recorder, and basic microphone, I ended up with a terrible quality video, that was twice the size Fiverr allowed. This lead me to reach out to the community, in hope that you guys have some ideas on tips and/or software suggestions (preferably free) that can help me out.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read and respond!


Your video must be high quality

Under 60 seconds

Under 50 mb

Say “exclusively on” (can be a voice over or text on screen).


Do you know a good, high quality, free, screen recorder?


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Fiverr Ready, will mostly be approved. Yes, it is qualified with those requirements.

Plus you can do some edit for youtube promotion.

Did I mention that it is fully customizable to make your video unique? have a look.

For those DYI folks:

I have wanted to do video work, but a web cam and a built in mic are not always the best quality. Here is what I suggest.

If your work is flat work, printed, or otherwise non-video oriented (artwork, design, typing, etc), and you don’t have the good quality programs to do motion graphics videos - tag one of your fellow Fiverr sellers that do that sort of thing.

If you have windows and don’t mind a slightly lower-quality piece that gets the point across - you can user Windows built in move maker (I don’t know what Mac has, sorry). Or, I -think- you can export a Power Point presentation as a video.

(breaking up post to avoid “TL:DR”)

You want the height and width to be minimum, and your audio compression well-compressed. It’s the audio that makes the file so massive. Non-audio is smaller by a lot, but also a bit boring. :confused:

If you do videos then you have the basis of doing a video montage, more or less. Likely you already know what to do if you are doing videos? Maybe?

If this is a thing you are still really not sure about, or some of the jargon above makes you scratch your head, I would seriously consider buying from a fellow Fiverr seller. It supports the micro-freelance community and helps move the money around. :slight_smile:

Also, for audio - use a gaming head set with a mic.

If you are going to do a lot of videos, or audio work, consider saving up for a good mic with a “pop” reducer/filter. (Letters like “P” “pop” on audio recordings.)