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How do you deal with 20% charge?

Do you add a 20% Fiverr charge on your Gig fee as shown on the Gig dashboard or you add it later and send an Offer with the charge to a client?


You need to factor it into your price. Buyers who see _US$x on your gig and contact you about it, will be unhappy campers or pull the “bait & switch” card if you then quote them US$Sx+20% for the same job that your gig advertised for US$x.

Fiverr then adds their buyer fee from their side to your offer (you won’t see that, only the customer will, which can sometimes make buyers unhappy too :wink: but they should know that as it’s stated in the terms of service that they’ll pay a US$2 or 5% (for orders of 40+US$) fee, so it’s not really your responsibility to tell them beforehand.


Thank you for your elaboration. I set the fee without an awareness of this 20% charge at the beginning. I then lost some clients when I sent an Offer including 20%.
I agree that our fee should reflect outr honesty to clients.

Thanks for the informations !

This is great information I didn;t know about this and never apply this thanks for share.