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How do you deal with abusive clients? Need some tips, please

Hello everyone,

This week I had a problem with two buyers and I don’t know how to deal with it. I have to say that I have been on this platform for a long time and most of buyers that I have came across are pretty professional and fair, but sometimes the exceptions emerged, I guess. Well, these buyers required two projects, I finished them with zero mistakes and delivered them on time.

The clients required a revision, which I offer for free as I want to make sure that my final delivery is extremely professional. Besides, clients have right to get the professional service that they pay for, of course. I have to say that I don’t have a single bad review. In fact, I have a four start review and more than 400 five star reviews.

My surprise came when I check the revision and what they really wanted were extra tasks that nothing had to do with my delivered project. I opened disputes and they refused my disputes saying there were not willing to pay more, just like that!!

I contacted the “help center” and they were sooooo helpful that they basically told me that couldn’t do anything and that the client has pointed out that there were mistakes. Well, the client did not point out that there were mistakes and its obvious that the “help center” cannot read in other language but English. Otherwise, they will realise that they were wrong.

So, eventually I had to work FOR FREE THREE MORE DAYS TO FULFILL EXTRA TASKS as Fiverr has failed to protect me from abusive buyers.

I perfectly aware that most of buyers are fine and that, on many occasions they are right when complaining for not being satisfate with an order. However, I think that Fiverr has to do something about this kind of abusive behaviour. Otherwise, this platform is risking to lose many sellers and a lot money as now I have not been able to charge for three days of work, for instance.

Someone else has been in this situation? How have you dealt with it?

Kind regards and thanks to all,



same thing happens to me as well. Once I worked for Pakistan guy and I worked for him 2 days to finalised his work only for 5 bucks. I work very hard on that order and wanted to satisfy the buyer. end of the order he Place me Really Impressive Comments “Wow. Really Amazing Designer, I will definitely come back to him” With 3 Stars. :open_mouth: I asked why only 3 stars after all hard works. he said that is appropriate ratings. :frowning:

Once I came across someone difficult and I canceled the order as I thought it was not worth for 5 bucks. But the problem here is that they were long projects that took me around two weeks to finish after working around eight hours a day. I delivered them on time and with zero mistakes and I am not willing to throw away all that hard work and time. On the top of that, when I asked the clients if they have found mistakes or something that did not cover my gig’s description, they say that my job was perfect. I don’t understand this kind of behaviour, but I am specially upset with the zero help offered by the resolution center. I think that they should check the communication between buyers and sellers properly and stop this kind of abusive behaviour from both, some sellers and some buyers. At the end of the day, failing to tackle this behaviour is negative for all of us as it generates a lack of trust among the users, which can lead to many people abandoning this platform.

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You should have let him know that the work requested wasn’t a revision. Once you do that, you could send him a custom offer.

I am not sure if you specify revisions in your gig description or your buyer requirements. I have added and extra paragraph about revisions, now I don’t have any issues anymore.

Edit to add: In a case like that you can contact customer support to let them know your buyer is requesting additional work and is refusing to pay for it.

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Yes we can put paragraphs about such things. but as a newbies we cant put so many restrictions. then there will ignore us. we wouldn’t be able to list our gigs .

Make it part of your buyer requirements. That way the order is already placed.


I let him know that… and I even opened a dispute and added an extra customized offer but they told me that they did not want to pay more. I contacted customer support and let them know that my buyer was requesting additional work and was refusing to pay for it. NO HELP AT ALL!!! Eventually, I had to do more work for free.

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And yes… I specify that I offer 1 revision over the job delivery. They just wanted extra work for free.

Always work on custom Gig to work with abusive Buyers. Specify the term and conditions while taking order.

It’s up to you to decide how far you are willing to go.

Not knowing the details of the order, it’s hard for me to judge what happened.

I would redeliver the file and would let the buyer know it wasn’t part of the gig description.

Make sure to add a paragraph to your buyer requirements clarifying what’s covered in a revision.


I did so… I specified them what was included. One of them, even asked me for a revision of my translation and when I opened the task I realized that the parts that he wanted to revise were translated for someone else. I let him know and he told me that he didn’t know what I was talking about. Fortunately, in five years I only have came across people like this two or three times and I know that they are a minority.

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Did you specify on what situation the buyer will rate negative or cancel order?

My hands are tidied up as I feel that I am completely unprotected from this kind of abusive people. After leaving a clear description, specify what it was included, opening a dispute, sending extra customized offer and contacting with the resolution and help centers, I did not have any other way out but working for free to avoid negative feedbacks for a job that was perfect.

But even if I specify that, buyers are free to cancel or leave negative feedbacks or no? I am not sure about this issue

I am sorry, unfortunately this can happen. I wish CS would take actions in cases like these.
Still, don’t feel obligated to work with abusive buyers who take advantage of people. Sometimes it hurts to cancel an order but noone deserves to be treated like that.

I thought about the possibility of cancelling but, as I mentioned before, there were long projects. I was working on one of them for five entire days and on the other for 12 days. Each day, I dedicated 8-10 hours to the projects. Even, a few days I was translating until 2 o’clok at night. After all that work and spending, I did not feel like cancelling. It’s just unfair.

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Im having the same issue here, an abusive client trying to get free revisions, since I didnt do it he left a horrible review, Now I have to keep this review since cancelling the order wont erase the bad review =(

What an a-hole buyer! :rage: :rage: :rage: Though if someone requests free work and gives a neg if you don’t comply, then at least previously support did side with the seller, as that’s pure extortion.

But their policies have changed quite a bit lately, and I don’t think there’s any scenario anymore where support would side with the seller. Except maybe if you get a physical threat! But even then I imagine only the buyer would get banned, but the review would stay, LOL.

But at least you can very effectively counter such a review by leaving your response to it. In that you can defend yourself by saying something like “The buyer is a bad mannered cheapo who wanted you to work for free, but he wasn’t in luck, as you have mouths to feed.” :grinning::+1: Then anyone that reads that review also sees your response, and they will just laugh at the stupid buyer and ignore their review. So don’t sweat about it at all!

Good luck.

Hey adsensewizard,

Thanks for the response / help!

I guessed the policies have changed right? I just had one bad experience before and Fiverr Support helped me with that, now they tell me to either ask the client to pay for revisions (which he already denied twice and its obvious the type of client he is) or to keep the bad review and just answer it as you are suggesting me. =(

So sad to be dealing with this, would be great to have some protection from Fiverr from abusive clients trying to get things for free and leaving bad reviews =(

Also if the client get banned they can open a new account and thats it, since Fiverr doens really ask for Facebook or some sort of identity authentication. =(

And thanks haha I just learned a new word “cheapo” haha thats awesome, thanks for your response, made me “sweat” a little bit less!

Thanks again =)

I am stuck in a similar situation right now.
Completed and delivered order, it was a $250 order.
I put my 5 days of work.

Now shouting on me that you have not completed the order please refund or keep working for me. Basically they got the work and now need monry back as well.

I have reached Fiverr support they said order does not meet cancellation policy as you have delivered what was asked for so it won’t be cancelled unless I accept. But they cannot force buyer to accept it. So either talk and convience them else order will remain stuck in Revision.

Buyer sending me cancellation request every day in hope that I do not come online for 2 continuous days and cancel request gets automatically accepted. So basically now I have to check my Fiverr account daily even on vacations untill I get resolved. :slight_smile: