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How do you deal with bullshitters?

well my first potential buyer is obviously a bullshitter that keeps messaging me instead of actually purchasing the gig. shes sent two refrence photos that look completeley diffrent and hasnt specified which one she likes best. im pretty sure shes a bullshitter because she said “im about to buy it now” like an hour ago. so both of her refrences are elabrate. for me that is and i like to plan ahead of time for those kinds of gigs but i havent even considered how to do this one yet because she hasnt purchased it but has given me a budget ect. and i dont want to waste my time replying to messages that are leading nowhere. how do i deal with this.

ps my gig is for building bloxburg houses

I believe that it happens it almost all sellers here on Fiverr.
I personally ask my buyers to provide a detailed information about their project before we get started. And after that I made them custom offer to help them place their order directly so that they don’t have to visit my gigs to compare anything to change their mind. lols :wink:
Once you get all the information you can create a good custom offer to add the best options related to your services to get stared. It works for me though :wink:

The question is, do you really want her order? If you’re complaining that her reference pictures make no sense, you need to clear that up, or tell her “I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”

Send her a custom offer.

If she absolutely refuses to buy, at some point you might have to block her.

I’ve only blocked one person since I’ve been on Fiverr. He kept asking if I was available, and no matter what I wrote, he kept repeating that question.

So when he wrote “Hi, it’s been 2-years, are you still available?”

I just blocked him. Best decision I ever made.