How do you deal with buyer's indirect or direct blackmail over review for more work or unnecessary revise?


When I started the work, I made it clear that I will do certain limit of work,

and then I got his first indirect blackmailing message over the review for a demand.

I tried to hold him off by making an excuse and get over the current gig,

Moreover, then he increased his demand further as the delivery date approached,

By anyhow I managed to hold him off, and delivered my gig as promised, as proposed before his order and during his order.


Even after holding him off for doing such things, he again comes down to blackmailing me on changing review to negative if I will not agree to his demand, I am just keeping him off to do anything that’s pointless.

How is it making sense that if I am not accepting his demand, he is going to change review?

Even though I had fulfilled and delivered the work as promised as proposed and before he started blackmailing on review?

Please help, because I think even if I agree to his demand he will keep blackmailing on “bad review.”

Thank you.


Either screenshot the conversation and send to CS, or ask them to look at your order page/conversation - they won’t stand for that sort of thing!


But why do not CS stand by our side when we have strong proofs? Why it has to be like this? We put so much of the effort for coming so far, and to the issues like this CS does nothing? That’s unfair.

What choice do I have now? How do I deal with it?


If you haven’t spoken to CS about it, how would they know?

CS will not allow sellers to be treated like this, but you must speak to them!

Nothing unfair about it - the slightest whiff of anything dodgy by any buyer I’ve had has been taken very seriously by CS and dealt with.

Please contact them!


With the new policy, he can’t change the review unless you request feedback revision from him (and you have no reason to do that, so, he can’t change the review he had already given).

Threats are a violation of the Terms of Service. Make screenshots and send them to CS.


Stop Panicking and read the 2 above comments slowly.


Yeah I’ve submitted all the info and SS to the CS, waiting for their reply.


Yeah, read thank you. But tbh I am worried if he’ll make new accounts and start doing something not good.


Thank you, I noticed that but I wasn’t sure about it, thank you for the info. :slight_smile:


Unless he has a gazillion, credit cards and paypal accounts, his chance of opening another account then making a payment AND then harassing sellers would be quite slim.


Okay! So, a seller can’t use same paypal or credit cards on different accounts?


No - one account only for everybody.


Why you ask? Is that what you are doing?


Cool… @offlinehelpers thank you guys for the info. Really appreciate your help :slight_smile:
No @djgodknows I’m just confirming as I’ve always lived in a fear that on the way I’ll keep meeting bad buyers and I’ll have to deal with them.

Luckily, I came to know about this fact from you, thank you again.