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How do you deal with \"clever\" buyers

I have been on Fiverr for about a year and I must say it’s been interesting so far. I’ve met all kinds and sorts of buyers who try to manipulate you and even the system, but being a person with good communication skills and a Life Coach, I have used my experiences in real world to handle most of these disputes.
But recently, something of a whole new level happened and I really want to know if it’s just me or it’s happened to someone else before.

I concluded to edit a client’s video for $300. We both agreed on price and delivery date. When I was about to send the order, I was feeling sleepy so I mistakenly typed $30 instead of $300.

I delivered the job, seller was excited and it was when fiverr marked the order as complete that i realized it was indeed $30. I immediately notified the seller and he acknowledged the mistake as well but wouldn’t pay. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t open the google drive link to the file and asked me to resend. I realized he was not entirely honest and told him I was going to send an order of $270 so I can deliver again via that order. He refused to acknowledge the order even when he had told me desperately that he would pay the rest. i guessed he figured how to open the attachment and till date, he has not honored his word. I checked his website and he is using the video on it.

How do you handle clients like this?

You really shouldn’t send stuff when you’re super tired as it leads to mistakes like this. Technically it is paid for with the $30 (so I’m not sure a DMCA would work). I don’t really know what legal rights you have to reclaim the rest despite your written agreements and communications, as there’s no way that you can force him to pay without (presumably) taking him to court. Which wouldn’t be worth it for $270, and also probably cause some meltdown over in the Fiverr legal dept because it violates personal contact TOS or something.

Never trust a buyer here until you’ve worked with them professionally several times and built up a rapport. I’m not sure how you didn’t notice this until post-delivery and completion when the $$$ is splashed all over the top of the page?

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is anything you can do.

$300 is a lot money. Learn from your mistake and move on ; )

It’s a lot of money in India. But in the US, that’s an average lawyer’s hourly rate, so I hear :smiley:

Advice for US friends - never get into trouble with the law :smiley:

I think if you cancelled the order then the copyright automatically transfers back to you. You may have to do a force cancellation and then if it is cancelled, I think you can then proceed to get it taken down as its technically not hi/hers. I remember reading this somewhere…

Eh, that’s a month’s car payment for me. Still a lot of money, no matter where you are.

You sent an order for $30 so you can’t later demand more money.

Well I guess it’s part of the learning curve…" never send stuff when you’re super tired"… I’ve moved on anyways.

Yeah, I mean the Op mistakenly sent a $30 instead of $300, this is understandable. But doing the work, deliver it, and wait for the order to be mark completed and only until then that Op realize it’s $30 not $300?

Yeah. That is your fault, not his.

I made a mistake on an order quoted (50% lower than I should have done, because I misread). I have asked him to rectify it before I started work, however. If he doesn’t, then i’ll just offer cancellation.

Your big mistake is sending the completed video.