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How do you deal with pushy buyers?


I am an illustrator, I have been on the platform sincs last October. Honestly, my experience has been mostly great so far, this month though, I managed to run into some real pushy people.

My question is how do you deal with someone who keeps asking at the middle of the night (in my time zone that is), if I am available, and keeps sending question marks after sentences just to rush you? No order has been placed yet, but honestly, my gut tells me to not to work with this person. I have given him an offer for x price also, that he tried to bargain not once but twice. I told him twice to look for someone else that can create something for him for his budget. At this point he agreed to pay for full price, but I do not feel comfortable working for someone who generally disrespects me from the beginning. He is not new to the platform, he knows how things go. He also is a native english speaker, so no language barrier is causing misunderstandings, he writes his sentences that come off as rude sometimes too.

Do you have any ‘protocol’ you use when you feel that working with a person will not work out from the very beginning?

Thank you for your answers!


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Herein lies your answer!


Yup, just listen to your gut.
Sometimes you will sense something is “off” about the person from the very start,
in other cases you start noticing that the person isn’t as nice as he/she seemed at the start as you go on with your orders.
As long as you are in a situation where you can cancel the order or not accept it in the first place, just politely say no and move on.


Just block them and keep it moving.

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Unfortunately, I can not block him until we had an active order at some point. I can only mark his messages as spam or report him. He does not say swear words or anything, so I doubt that after reporting him there would be any changes.

I politely tell them that, unfortunately, I’m not a good match for their needs, and that I’m sure that they’d be much happier with another seller.


Are you using the app? I have blocked many idiots through the app, and they hadn’t placed an order yet.

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Oh interesting, I do have the app installed, yes. I will see what the options are there! Thank you!

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I run away. This person has entitlement issues…