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How do you deal with receiving messages that have nothing to do with works?


It’s my first time to join Fiverr forum :slight_smile:

Can you share your experience of receiving messages that are not related to works?
I received lots of weird messages('how tall are you?; ‘marry me’), and kind Fiverr team always helped me. :slight_smile:

However, some messages typed in my nation’s language(Korean). Today, I got a weird message from a Korean girl, she told me I “must” reply to her about “how to pay tax in Korea”. But I could not repot it to Fiverr team because she wrote it in Korean language :frowning: So I simply clicked ‘report’ and then ‘delete the message in my inbox’.

How do you deal with those kinds of messages? I hope there is the new system that I can block some words or languages, so I won’t see same kinds of weird messages again and again.

Thank you for reading my post!

send them a custom order for $10,000.

Hahaha you made my day :+1:

I just say " Unfortunately I am unable to help you with this."