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How do you deal with rude customers?

Hello this is my first time posting, I really like this format but sometimes I run into people that think I am a mind reader and do not communicate with me and then they get mad. any suggestions?

Eh- considering you only have 9 reviews, and 4 of them are less than 5 stars, it might be how you are dealing with the customers. If you’re not getting the information you need, perhaps you aren’t asking the right questions. Maybe focus on your communication and customer service skills and see if that helps.

Edited to add: reading over your gig descriptions, I am not clear exactly what you offer. You state “for $5 I will design the site to fit your needs”. I would instead write down exactly what you offer at this price. You have 1200 characters to use in your gig description, no need to keep it short.


Dear, never mess with buyer because our good rating is always at stake when we deal with the buyer. Try to satisfy him/her and deal with patience. Never use rubbish language while communicating. Hope this will help you.


i do not use bad language with the customers i know that i have to update everything about the gig because i have been going above and beyond on some of these jobs and 5 is not going to cut it i really try to stay in constant communication with the customers also when they send me a message i respond right away and i am kind and very professional


If a customer is rude then I don’t want to do business with them. Treat me with respect or be gone.


I politely get rid of them fast as possible, cancel the order. I don’t usually get them though.