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How do you deal with talenless clients who try to get free work?


So this has happened to me on a few occassions. I am a mixing engineer and many times artists send me songs that are just terrible, but I do my job and mix them anyway. Then when I delivery my work, the artist complains that it doesn’t mean their expectations and blames me for it when the reality is the material they sent me was garbage. They then ask for a refund saying their buddy could do it better then get mad when I refuse since I already rendered my work as described.

Does anyone else deal with this sort of thing? It just seems to me that the unfortunate thing about fiverr is that it just attracts clients that aren’t sophisticated or are completely clueless and unprofessional, otherwise they wouldn’t be seeking out professionals on fiverr.

I like the money I make on fiverr but sometimes the stress of dealing daily with dysfunctional and painfully ignorant clients just isn’t worth it. I guess I just need to jack my prices way up so that only the most experienced and serious clients can afford my services and I don’t have to deal with the idiots looking for cheap work.


At the time when i offered low rates, most of potential buyers that became buyers didn’t know what they wanted and did all things they wanted to do. The ending was they left “unsatisfied” if i refused to give a free work or refund.

True. You just need to raise your price and see how it could affect potential buyer. Now i have only few clients, but they are clients with high budget.


Send this message to them:

I’m sorry you were not happy with the results but I did the job as requested and as described. Therefore I do not agree to cancel this order.

Having higher prices does help a lot.


You answered your own question friend, as my fellow Fiverr sellers said above. This saves you a lot of trouble! :slight_smile: