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How do you deal with the attached files?

I’m curious how other sellers deal with the attached files? I often see in buyer requests attached files of people who want to give a better idea of what they want. Although, you never know if there’s anything lurking in that file or not. And AV is, of course, not a remedy from all the viruses either.

I don’t use buyer request but it happens sometimes people send me files through google drive.
I have anti virus+anti crypto virus.

I personally just hope for the best. I don’t think what I do is the best but I try to only download image files and use the preview on Fiverr

I never click external links (run a search instead), never download zip files, and any file that I do download (docx, jpg, png, pdf) I rarely open and just use the ‘preview’ window for, and if I do open I run a check on first and I go into properties and make it a ‘read-only’ first.

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