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How do you deal with

I have so many people who message me, saying they will need the order in 1 or 2 days, or a few hours, when order was done, but fast delivery was not paid as extra and getting tired of it…

I am both seller and buyer, and when I buy a gig, I respect the delivery time aka what I paid for and I am waiting patiently and leave the seller to do his/her work undisturbed…

But there are so many people who seem to expect a ‘favor’… I sometime deliver in one day without being paid for it, but I think to stop as first, I am busy; second- there are packages and rules and if they have no paid, they need to wait and third- I have noticed that if I do this, they expect this again and again (message me and ask for a fast delivery)…

I was even contacted by a buyer, who by his words 'this is a small task, should I pay for it?"
Emmm, do we work for free here?


If a user asks for fast delivery without ordering it then I reply with a extra offer right away.
Obviously I will explain it nicely that my schedule is booked, but I can do overtime for X amount.


Thats exactly what I did, I explained that she need to order extra delivery and this is here answer:

“Gzzz…u don’t understand a thing. Let it go”

That’s good!
Most likely you got rid of a problematic buyer. Move on.

And if the order was already placed then deliver it according to the original timeline.

Yes, but she already made the order, but did not just paid for fast delivery

I want to cancel the order now as she keeps arguing… she did not like at all when I said she needs to pay extra for fast delivery…

If you can afford a cancellation then cancel.
If you can’t then deliver it as agreed and let her talk to CS if she wants to complain.


I won’t cancel, though I really want to cancel… I am sure she is going to write a ‘beautiful’ review… because she is not willing to pay for a fast delivery, but demanding it

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I’d cancel. If you don’t the buyer may make a habit of ordering from you and demanding expedited service. Try messaging first to say that you are sorry but you already have commitments with regular clients which you need to honor. Then give them the option to cancel.

Scratch everything I have just said and cancel. Your buyer is clearly a human burp of a being who is not going to be satisfied with anything.


You are right about “the buyer may make a habit of ordering from you and demanding expedited service.” , because thats exactly what happened. Every time she message me after making the order if I could deliver in a few hours, a day… And I do… And she kept doing that until today, I told her that she needs to pay for fast delivery… then her reply is “you understand nothing”… aka thats not how a business is done…

Lesson learned… I am not going to do ‘favors’ anymore and deliver very quickly without being paid for it…


Favors always come back to hurt you. I sent a buyer a custom extra offer last week with $4 knocked off the price as they were new and thought I was ripping them off with Fiverr’s service charge.

Now its a week later and the buyer is on her 7th review. She doesn’t speak English, doesn’t understand anything about how SEO works, and is trying to tell me how to write her article. - In a way which will make sense to her but no one else on planet Earth.

People you give an inch on Fiverr will usually turn up the next day in a tank saying they want the whole road. All you can do is work until you’re knackered and pray that today is the day when the ice cream man comes.


Absolutely… at the end I kept being insulted so I had to cancel the order