How do you define "adding value" to your customers?


It’s a question that I always ask myself.
How can I create added value to my customers?

Now, I want to read quick thoughts about this from all around the world.


I think through communication :blush: along with quality work. Through giving them some useful suggestions related to order. And by encourage them what they are doing. It’s my opinion!


Absolutely agree with you, communication and high quality work are determinant when it comes to services, and yes, encourage them is not a bad idea



Thank you dear for appreciating my opinions :slight_smile:


Fast appropriate responses, or even courtesy responses.

Courtesy responses:
I receive a message but I can’t respond in detail at that time, so I send a short “I’ve received your message” message.

This resonates well with my buyers: “Wow, that was a fast response”

And the work environment goes on smooth from there.


Thanks to you Momna!


Fast appropiate responses. Good idea, a high and fast response ratio is quite imporant for the Fiverr’s seller.


Added Value:

  • Early delivery: On Time or Late Delivery tells me the seller “rushed” the job. (I’ve rarely gotten good or great work. :frowning:)

  • Telling me you need an extension early on vice at the last minute. (I :green_heart: giving extensions, but last minute request is :broken_heart:)

  • Write something with your delivery that was for just that buyer.

  • Don’t: “If you like my work, don’t forget to give me a 5 star review” or variation of :unamused:

  • Don’t: “Tips are appreciated” :frowning:

  • Don’t: "Me, Me, Me! Dont forget to do this for me! Also don’t forget to do that for me! (If you like the buyer & enjoyed working with them, quit talking about how awesome you are - tons of sellers do this & it’s so :rolling_eyes: :frowning2: )

  • Do: Thank them & be specific:
    Example: “Thank you for filling out the requirements so promptly and thoroughly. This allowed me plenty of time to research and provide you with top notch work.” :blush: (Encourages buyers to keep doing it)

  • Do: A little flattery goes a long way (It could end up leading to a good tip) :purple_heart:
    Tell them how much you enjoyed it, what a pleasure it was, yada, yada, yada. It’s not just for women, guys like it too :wink:)


Wow Gina, this response is amazing, for what I can see you are a recurrent buyer, is really nice to read about your point of view; (We have similar points of view as buyers).

And, yes. I always try to give more that what I promise, and avoid the “If you like my work, don’t forget to give me a 5 star review” kind of things hahaha.