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How do you deliver logo concepts?

Ok so logo design service is totally different from other freelance projects. With an ordinary project, you collect info, complete your work and deliver the files. But with design esp logo design, you first have to send multiple logo concepts and get an approval first.
How do you guys do that? Do you deliver your concepts by using “deliver now” button or just inbox them? The latter is extremely irritating since I have to sit and wait for the customers prompt reply which they are too busy to do and I end up applying for time extension most of the time. Time extension itself is a risky game since once it got declined due to this dumb client(long story) But I just wanna know, how other designers handle that and how do you avoid late deliveries.


I’ve never seen the point of sending updates if it jeopardizes your delivery time. After taking a look at your profile I noticed you offer unlimited revisions (which I’d recommend changing), but since you already have them there, I’d suggest just continue the work until you finish the product and send the final delivery, if they have anything they’d like to change then that’s what the revisions are for.

Inbox them, never use the “Deliver now” for unfinished work since it’s against TOS.


I think if you are delivering a service like this, where you need to send copies of say different logo designs, don’t send the original work. I screenshot my work and ask them if they are happy. There is a reason for this, the buyer may be a crook and he will take your files and decide to run. This happens, so it is best to send these by screenshot. Also do yourself a favor and give enough time for the order in case this happens. I always say to the customer I will do it in 3 days but in case of a hold up I am giving 7 days to complete the order.

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I’m a wordpress developer. A buyer cheated with me. He put a order without clerifying requirement but i did the thing what he want. After getting divery he sent me another task as a revision without accepting. Also he treated me that if i dont do that he will cancell it. What a experience!