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How do you deliver spiritual services?


This message is adressed mostly to those who sell in the Spiritual & Healing as well as the Astrology & Readings subcategories.

As we deliver something that is not tangible, how do you deliver to your clients?

I want to offer a good experience to my customers and I want to protect myself as well in case things go the wrong way and I give a bad buyer the upper hand because of my mistakes.

Thanks a lot!


Your service its tangible, you can make Videocalls or voicecalls with the client and record the screem, then you can cut all you dont want to show leting just just 1 or 2 minutes, and upload that video to fiverr… :slight_smile: thats all

if you only Use chat, you can make some edit screeshots (delete the real names and fiverr names) and put what you think its the best part of anything on the deliver ::slight_smile:

i tell you all this, because fiverr need deliver something to the client to put it on your portfolio

i hope this help you :wink:


Indeed… thank you! I had not thought about that.

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I see you have spell gigs and are a level 1 seller with 43 reviews so whatever method you are already using appears to be working.


I am always looking to improve and to find better ways to do things! Thank you! :slight_smile:


totally agree :slight_smile:

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also, WELCOME TO FORUM :smiley: i see you are new here n.n

Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

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