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How do you "Describe your offer" when sending offers?


I have been going through this forum under Fiverr Tips for Sellers but I cannot find any comment mentioning how to write “describe our offer” when bidding for offer requests. I would like to know the kind of message one should write when describing your offer so that you can impress the buyer to choose your gig at the expense of others. Sometimes you see the buyer has received over 27 requests already and you wonder if you should still bid and win it. Thank you

Suggestions for sending offer to buyer by New Seller

A lot of my sales come via the Buyer’s Request forum. I always start by introducing myself by my first name (you’ll actually notice that a lot of my reviews mention me by name). I then find some common ground that relates to whatever the buyer is requesting, make the quote, and then invite the customer to check out my reviews while they’re deciding on who to hire.

So, a proposal may go like this (customer is requesting an About Us to be written):

“Hi, my name is Kevin, and I’m a writer that lives in the U.S. I’d like to offer my help in creating the content for your business. As a small business owner myself, I understand how important first impressions can be, and I’ve been helping other business owners develop their brands in a way that turns first impressions into repeat customers. I’ve written About Us pages, Mission Statements, and other types of content for dozens of clients, and feel I could be the right partner for your project. I can create your content in x days for $x. Please take a look at my reviews, and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!”

This is what works for me, but I’d be interested to hear what some other sellers use.


This is really great. Thank you


Wow! I never thought of it that way. Thanks a lot for this


Thanks, i learned a lot with this proposal example


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First you need to present yourself properly with your portfolios.