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How do you drive traffic to your gigs?

  1. Post to business related pages on facebook
  2. Join business related groups on linkedin and message them
  3. Contact people that need your services on google plus and groupon
  4. Interact and contact people on business related forums
  5. Offer to do free service in exchange for reviews/referral
  6. Advertise with bing ads(Grab $100 coupon for 5 bucks on fiverr)
  7. Run cheap paid advert on facebook targeting profession and businesses

As fiverr asks, you have to share your gigs on social media (twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc) to get more sales. The problem is that you need powerfull and/or many social media accounts to get traffic from social media, or… you can pay somebody to drive daily social media traffic to your gigs.

I am using social media to get traffic on my gigs.