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How do you edit your gig?

I have some misspellings and some things I want to re word… but there is NO edit button anywhere!
I can edit my photo… but I wanna edit my text. How do I do that?


@nickyrose83 go to gigs and there you can show every gig next you can edit, preview,delete gigs also

In seller mode on top of the page, desktop, select GIGs. There you select on the right from the drop down menu EDIT.
The first screen that will open will be to edit name, if you look up in the horizontal menu under main page menu you will see packages description gallery. Same order as when you created GIG. Select what you want to improve and after corrections click save.

Welcome to the Fiverr community. I hope your profile photo is authentic.

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Hi go to click on the gigs tab when you are on the homepage of Fiverr then after clicking on gig go, move your mouse cursor to your right and click on an arrowy tab there you get an option to edit or preview or share or delete. Choose edit

Ok, so there is no way to edit from the app on your phone? I’ll have to use my laptop?
Thanks and yes thats a photo of me

I am sorry you will have to wait for someone to answer that who uses app, I truly do not know since I do not use the app. I installed it once and I had major problems with it so I never gave it another try.

Ok no problem… I can do it from my laptop then. Thanks