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How Do You Feel About 2021?

Simple question.

Tell me if you expect more, less or the same amount of freelance work in 2021.

Explain why, as well.


I’ll start.

I expect more.

I think we will see online freelancing trending again with more emphasis on work-from-home situations with COVID continuing to have an impact on how we do business around the world.


2020 is just a trial for 2021
XD :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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2021 will be prosperous for me… :slight_smile: Wish me luck… :slight_smile:


I expect more in 2021.

At first I didn’t understand much about fiverr. I want 2021 to be happy for me.
I’d like more orders :grinning:

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I get the feeling it would be the same.
Some weeks would be busy, others not so much.
I got a good number of orders during lockdown but there were weeks where things
were pretty quiet, just like any other business. I’m not worried about getting less/zero orders though.

The reason I say so is pretty much the same as what @looseink said.
Also since there were so many people ( my fellow nerds to be exact) staying at home reading comics and anime during lockdown, I got quite a lot of anime related translations. I even had one buyer say something like “I’ve got SO much free time now I’ll be binge watching so much anime!!! I’ll be placing many orders asking you tons of questions!”

I’m sure this will go on in 2021 as well.
I consider myself lucky.


I really feel that 2021 is a gamechanger for me
where are everything will change


I hope I will get my 1st order In fiver platform.

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